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mountain villa guangzhou

mountain villa guangzhou is located in the southeast of Baiyun Mountain Valley Davis, buildings with the valley and layout, according to the terrain and to build, to "hidden" and "shrinking into inch long" approach will garden scenery fusion in nature, a better interpretation of the Chinese traditional culture. Mountain villa is a famous architectural design master Mo Bozhi design, is the representative of South of the Five Ridges building, in 1993 won the China Construction Association of outstanding architectural creation award.mountain villa guangzhou existing 56 sets of various types of rooms, which has a "natural home", "the three waterfalls", housing and other kinds of suite 15 sets, Tao hall, the Moon Restaurant 4 restaurants, readily hall, Lei ran the office of 6 different styles of small conference rooms, 1 tennis courts, also there are precious Ming furniture of 197 pieces and dozens of rare flowers and trees. [tips] this hostel is located in the Baiyun Mountain scenic area, the need to buy tickets to enter the scenic area.